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About Us...

Get ready for an inspiring journey through the origins of Xogos! Our story begins with Zack Edwards, who shared a common sentiment among many: he found traditional education a tad uninspiring. Fueled by a passion to revolutionize the learning experience, Zack took matters into his own hands.

Around two decades ago, during his college days, Zack had a lightbulb moment. He crafted his very first educational game, driven by a vision of making learning captivating and interactive. However, life's demands, including marriage and career commitments, momentarily placed his innovative creation on the back burner.

Fast forward to nine years ago, when the sparks of Zack's visionary game reignited. Upon sharing it with youth, their enthusiasm was infectious; they craved more. Fuelled by this excitement, Zack embarked on a journey of refining and expanding his concept.

Over the course of eight years, Historical Conquest took physical form, engaging schools and captivating young minds with interactive and educational gameplay. As the demand grew, schools sought a digital version for cost-effectiveness and customization. Seizing this opportunity, Xogos leaped into the digital realm, birthing the revolutionary Gaming Portal that welcomes all, catering to diverse interests and learning styles.

But we didn't stop there. We knew there had to be a better way for young players to earn rewards without breaking the bank. Introducing our unique in-game currency, crafted to be earned through gameplay, not emptying pockets. And now, the excitement culminates with a groundbreaking addition: a new currency, harnessing the power of blockchain technology. This currency transcends the virtual world, translating into scholarships and real-world opportunities.

With a deep-rooted commitment to redefining education and the learning experience, Xogos continues to evolve, innovate, and empower. Join us on this exhilarating ride as we revolutionize education and make learning an adventure for all, igniting minds and paving the way to a brighter future.

Our Team.

Our dynamic team comprises three experienced developers who bring technical expertise to the project. We also collaborate with multiple game development contractors to ensure a robust platform. Additionally, our initiative benefits from insights and guidance from a 7-member strong Board of Advisors with diverse expertise, contributing to the project's holistic development and success.

What are iPlay Coins?

At Xogos, innovation is our heartbeat, and that's exactly how our iPlay coin system was born. Drawing from a vision of revolutionizing learning, we embarked on a journey to make education engaging and rewarding for everyone.

After years of refining our educational games, we realized there was an opportunity to take the experience a step further. Inspired by the potential of blockchain technology, we conceptualized the iPlay coin system. This unique digital currency doesn't just stay confined to the virtual realm; it transcends into real-world opportunities.

By engaging with our games, users can earn iPlay coins through gameplay achievements. These coins are more than just points – they're keys that unlock a realm of benefits. From enhancing in-game experiences to accessing exclusive digital rewards, the iPlay coin system amplifies the joy of learning.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. The iPlay coin system takes education's impact to a whole new level. Accumulated coins can pave the way to tangible rewards from our sponsors, bringing the virtual and real worlds together in a way that empowers and motivates.

And here's the pinnacle: iPlay coins have the potential to transform aspirations into reality. With a pathway to scholarships, we're not only fostering a love for learning but also facilitating higher education opportunities for those who strive for more.

At Xogos, our iPlay coin system isn't just about games; it's about transforming lives, unlocking potential, and bridging the gap between education and empowerment. Join us on this journey, where every achievement is a step toward a brighter future."

Discover a World of Benefits:
Join Xogos and Unlock Possibilities

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that's not only exciting but also incredibly rewarding? Welcome to Xogos, where learning meets play, and where every achievement brings you closer to a world of possibilities through our iPlay coin system.

0. Early Adopters: Coming on early, means you get to collect more coins and store them for when things start really heating up and the games and rewards start being implemented. Stay tuned for more here. 

1. Elevate Your Gaming Experience: As a member of Xogos, you're not just playing games – you're immersing yourself in captivating adventures that challenge your mind and fuel your curiosity. With every level conquered, puzzle solved, and mission completed, you'll be racking up iPlay coins that can amplify your gaming experience like never before.

2. Access Exclusive Digital Rewards: Those hard-earned iPlay coins aren't just numbers on a screen. They're your gateway to unlocking a treasure trove of digital rewards that enhance your gameplay. From unique in-game items to special power-ups, your iServ coins will help you take your gaming prowess to new heights.

3. Real-World Prizes and Goodies: But wait, there's more! Thanks to our incredible sponsors, your iPlay coins have the potential to turn into tangible real-world prizes. Gadgets, merchandise, event tickets and more – the rewards you earn in the virtual realm can have a real impact on your everyday life, including scholarships for higher education.

4. Empower Your Future with Scholarships: Your journey with Xogos doesn't just stop at gaming. It extends to unlocking future opportunities. Imagine collecting iPlay coins and realizing that they're not just points – they're your key to scholarships that can pave the way to higher education. We believe that learning should be a pathway to your dreams, and our iPlay coin system is here to make that dream a reality.

5. Join a Community of Learners: When you join Xogos, you're not alone on this journey. You become part of a dynamic community of learners and achievers who share your passion for education and gaming. Connect, compete, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who understand that the pursuit of knowledge is an adventure worth embracing. All players are students between the ages of 5 and 18. Parents and teachers are allowed to interact with their students, but no other children. In other words, adults are not allowed.

At Xogos, we're rewriting the rules of education and empowerment. By joining us and collecting iPlay coins, you're not just playing games – you're rewriting your future. Dive in, level up, and watch how your achievements become stepping stones toward a brighter, more rewarding tomorrow.

What Makes Us Different

Earn coins while playing games, no more wasting your hard earned money on game tokens. In Xogos, you earn them through
game play.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, we aren't like other educational games, while they are 70% learning and 30% fun, we are different. We want you to have fun so you come back, cause the more you play, the more you learn.

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