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The Power of Earning: How Self-Funded Education Shapes Successful Students (Game, Earn, Learn = GEL)

The pathway to higher education is often paved with financial challenges, but research suggests that students who contribute to their own education are more likely to succeed and value the experience. This article delves into the effectiveness of self-funded education and introduces Xogos Gaming's innovative approach to empowering students in their educational journey.

The Impact of Self-Funding on Student Success:

1.      Increased Commitment and Motivation: A 2018 study by the Brookings Institution found that students who bear some responsibility for their educational expenses are more committed and motivated. This heightened sense of ownership often translates to better academic performance and a deeper engagement in the learning process.

2.      Lower Dropout Rates: Research indicates that students who self-fund are less likely to squander their college experience. According to the 2019 Journal of Higher Education policy, students with financial responsibilities show lower dropout rates, as the investment made serves as a constant reminder of the value and purpose of their education.

3.      Development of Life Skills: Earning and managing finances for education also contribute to the development of essential life skills. A report by the National Center for Education Statistics highlights that students who work part-time or contribute financially to their education tend to develop better time management and prioritization skills.

Xogos Gaming: Facilitating a Self-Earned Education:

Xogos Gaming is at the forefront of this educational paradigm shift. Through its platform, students engage in educational games, outdoor activities, and community service to earn cryptocurrency, which can be used to fund their college or trade school education. This merit-based system allows students to take an active role in securing their educational future.

The Xogos Gaming model goes beyond financial aspects; it makes learning enjoyable and rewarding. By integrating educational content with engaging gameplay, students find a new appreciation for their academic journey. The sense of achievement they gain from earning their way to college enhances their pride in their accomplishments.

A New Era of Educational Achievement: 

With Xogos Gaming, students are not just preparing financially for college; they are also building a strong academic and service-oriented resume. This comprehensive preparation ensures that students are not only ready to afford college but are also primed to excel in their academic endeavors.

The correlation between self-funded education and student success is evident. As students invest their own efforts into their educational journey, they develop a deeper commitment, resilience, and a sense of responsibility. Xogos Gaming's innovative approach provides a viable path for students to earn their way to college, thereby fostering a generation of motivated, engaged, and accomplished learners.


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