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Panic Attack: A Game-Changer for Student Mental Health

Xogos Gaming Spearheads Development of Groundbreaking Video Game to Support the Mental Health of Students


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - March 12, 2024 - PRLog -- Xogos Gaming, the sister company of Historical Conquest is proud to announce its latest initiative, aimed at revolutionizing student well-being, through innovative gaming experiences. As part of the Xogos Gaming Platform, the company is developing a groundbreaking video game designed to assist students in managing, coping with, and mastering mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and isolationism.

With today's rapidly evolving technological advances and cultural changes, an increasing number of students are grappling with mental health issues, ranging from anxiety, to depression, and beyond. Recognizing the urgent need for supportive resources, Xogos Gaming is leveraging the power of video games to provide students with invaluable guidance and assistance in navigating their emotional and mental well-being.

"Our mission at Xogos Gaming has always been to empower students through immersive gaming experiences," said Zack Edwards, President of Xogos Gaming. "With the development of this groundbreaking video game, we aim to equip students with the tools and resources they need to effectively manage their mental health challenges, and thrive in their academic and personal lives."

This video game will not only enable students to track their struggles, but also offer personalized coping mechanisms tailored to their individual needs. By harnessing the inherent engagement and accessibility of video games, Xogos Gaming seeks to foster a supportive environment where students can gain a deeper understanding of their emotional and mental processes, and build the resilience necessary to navigate life's challenges.

To ensure the effectiveness and inclusivity of this game, Xogos Gaming has forged partnerships with mental health professionals across the United States, and even one in the United Kingdom. The company is actively seeking additional support from professionals and organizations specializing in supporting students with autism and ADHD. Individuals who have personal experience with these issues and wish to contribute to the game's development are invited to participate in beta-testing, once the game is completed.

As Xogos Gaming embarks on this transformative journey, the company invites supporters and advocates to join in its mission to prioritize student well-being. Financial contributions to support the development of the mental health video game can be made through Xogos Gaming's fundraising campaign on, under Xogos Gaming.

For more information about Xogos Gaming and its initiatives, including details on the mental health video game and opportunities for involvement, please visit

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